Kenny hitting a 240 lb bench press PR.

Kenny hitting a 240 lb bench press PR.

Kenny Kline — Business Owner

Jake changed the game for my lifting. I'd always been a casual athlete, but Jake's training still managed to really elevate my progress and physique while making me feel more confident that I would avoid injury. On top of being a leading mind in his field, he is also very responsive, and crafts his knowledge and methods to fit my goals and lifestyle. It's not a one-size-fits-all experience, it's a personalized experience - and I wouldn't trust anyone more than Jake Boly to train me right.


Heath Olguin

Jake is a rare find. He is a personal trainer with a graduate-level understanding of exercise and physiology. If you are looking for a workout with a thoughtful approach for your health goals, based on experience, research and science, then Jake is the guy for you.

I've been training with Jake for about 4 months now and I can speak from experience – his workouts are INTENSE. Jake has jump started my commitment to fitness and has had a real impact on my physique and strength.  Jake encourages you to do your best, while making sure you understand the fundamentals and proper form of everything he asks you to do.

Workout days are never boring and there is always something new to try without being overwhelmed. Plus he's always around to answer questions and offer tips. I would have never started lifting if it weren't for him!

Jon DiFlorio CSCS - Owner of Institute 3e

There are certain people in the strength and conditioning field that stand alone, Jake is one of those guys. He has all of the credentials you would expect from an elite trainer; a degree in Exercise science, CSCS, and a proven track record for getting results. It is the combination of science based protocols and passion for helping people reach their goals that makes Jake one of the best in the business. Jon DiFlorio


Greg Arent

As an athlete who has been playing competitive sports and lifting since Junior High school I have had a lot of trainers and been inundated with many different lifting programs. The 6-week custom workout plan Jake wrote for me is by far the most detailed and intricate program I've ever had. It truly feels tailor-made for me and all the details are provided so that I can feel confidence that I am doing everything correctly and will see positive results.

The details of the workouts Jakes creates are easy to follow and can be accessed right on your phone from the gym, making it simple to track your results. Any time I have had trouble with a lift or a question about my technique Jake has made himself readily available to chat on the phone and provided helpful videos. The small adjustments he has shown me have payed huge dividends. I have made massive strides in the first three weeks on his program and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for me next. 

Christine Farina - D-l Collegiate Cheer Coach 

Jake worked with my team to help them improve their strength and athleticism. He was great, his expertise is matched with the knowledge required to truly understand how to help athletes improve. If the athlete was a beginner or seasoned athlete, it didn't matter, everyone got the attention they needed to progress and learn. He motivated and brought energy to every session. He made you excited to be there. 

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I really enjoyed working with Jake, his energy is contagious throughout the gym and his knowledge and expertise allows you to maximize your potential and make gains with every lift.