Why Concrete? 

Concrete was chosen after a long internal debate I had. How do you come up with a word that covers all of your training pillars (aka what I stand for) and doesn't sound out of place.

Well one Friday, I was walking through the concrete jungle that is NYC, and it hit me like a ton of bricks (pun intended). Concrete Athletics was the perfect way to demonstrate what I stand for in a relevant one word name. How? 

  • Concrete is hard, but can be molded. Our bodies are built a certain way, but can be changed.
  • Concrete comes in multiple forms, much like training styles & body types.
  • Concrete is composed of multiple materials, much like us, we're complex and need multiple factors to grow. 
  • Concrete is strong and can hold up from day to day stresses, like you and I. 

On top of concrete's relationship to our body, most of us live our lives in urban & suburban areas, surrounded by concrete. We often forget about our athletic primitive ancestors, we aren't forced to run and use strength to survive on a daily basis. 

Without the will to do so, most live their lives without truly tapping into something great that has always been in them. Would you be ready in any event that required you to be fit? If it's taking you a while to think about a's time to join Concrete Athletics! 


About Me

My name is Jake, I'm a personal trainer and writer based in New York City. For as long as I can remember, my driving passion has been helping others train and become more fit.


I personal train and write programs for those looking to gain muscle, decrease body fat, get stronger, and become more fit. 

Experience & Specialties 

  • General fitness clients trying to live healthy, strong lives.
  • Athletes in high school/college looking to bring their game to the next level.
  • Younger athletes trying to build a foundation for a healthy, long athletic career with aspects like: coordination, flexibility, beginning strength, locomotive skills, reaction time & speed.


I received my Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Hofstra in 2014, and received my Masters in Sports Science in 2016. 


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), USAW Level 1 Performance Coach, CPR & AED

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